10 Steps to a More Organized Craft Room

10 Steps to a More Organized Craft Room

Maybe you’ve already read our last blog post “Top Reasons to Organize Your Craft Room” and you feel motivated and ready to tackle this project, but you aren’t sure how to start. Let us help! At Hobby Locker, we know all about feeling overwhelmed by your crafting supplies, so we created the most functional storage cabinet on the market, with endless possibilities for storing your supplies. 

Whether you have purchased a Hobby Locker or not, these are steps to help keep you organized in your quest to better functionality!

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  1. Take a few hours to declutter and organize your craft room. Start by sorting items into categories, like paper, fabric, tools, etc.
  2. Assign each item a permanent home. Designate an area for each type of craft, and store everything in containers or baskets. You don’t have to spend a fortune on containers, some of our favorite affordable options can be found at Dollar Tree, Target, & Walmart.
  3. Make a list of items you need to purchase for better organization, such as storage containers, shelves, and bins.
  4. Hang pegboards on the walls (& utilize the Hobby Locker pegboards) to hold tools and your most used items.
  5. Dedicate one wall to inspiration. Hang up pictures, quotes, and other reminders of why you are dedicated to your craft or business.
  6. Utilize vertical space in your Hobby Locker, or add shelves to your walls.
  7. Keep frequently used items easily accessible. (Pegboards, baby!)
  8. Label all of your containers to keep things organized in the long run.
  9. Spend a few minutes each day tidying up your craft room and put away any supplies that may have been left out.
  10. Give yourself grace. Not everything has to perfect in order to be functional.


And if you haven’t already - go check out hobbylockerusa.com for the best craft room organization storage cabinet on the market. You’ll have storage galore when you get your Hobby Locker!

We want to see your crafting space! Send us a picture of your before and after progress. Let’s inspire each other to be the best and most organized hobbyists we can be! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, @hobbylockerusa :)


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