Big Tips for Small Maker Businesses

Big Tips for Small Maker Businesses

We are so proud of the work you have done! You're turning your passion into your income and it's so rewarding, and it's hard work! We know the struggle, pouring your heart into your craft just to see little to no sales coming through. But you keep going because you love it so much!

Whether you have $10 or $10k a month in sales, the following tips are useful for all small businesses and they are steps that can always be improved on!

  1. Define your niche and target audience

    The wider your net, the less fish get caught. If you try to catch everybody you won't catch anybody. Niching down is a sure way to find the right people interested in your product or service. Be annoyingly specific about your target audience and write up exactly what those people in your audience are looking for and how you can help them!

  2. Use social media to promote your brand and engage with your audience

    Social media is a must these days. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have become the new search engines. Yes, google listings and your website SEO is still important, but thanks to social media, your reach can be wider and more specific. Show off not only your products and services, but also the behind the scenes of what it takes to organize your space, make your product, or your funny experiences. 

  3. Create high-quality content consistently

    People connect with video and photo content. Spending your time to create content, not only for social media, but for your website as well, can draw in new eyes and engage your customers in amazing ways. 

  4. Collaborate with other creators and brands to expand your reach

    Reach out to brands and creators in your niche that cater to an audience you want to reach. Networking with these creators will not only increase the eyes on your page, but allow you to gain inspiration and grow your networking among like-minded people. 

  5. Offer unique and personalized products/services to stand out

    What makes your product or service different? There's an amazing book called the Purple Cow by Seth Godin that explores the idea of standing out. Nobody else can do exactly what you do, in the way you do it - take advantage of that! Let your personality shine in your business. 
  6. Develop a strong brand identity and message

    A consistent brand message and look will go a long way for customers to recognize you and your business. Stay consistent in coloring, fonts, tone, and messaging. 

  7. Keep track of your finances and plan for growth

    Track everything! Invest your earnings back into your business. Invest in workspace organization, more materials, new tools, or whatever it will take to enhance your work flow and your customer experience. 

  8. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and adapt accordingly.

    All industries change significantly, but crafty trends come and go very quickly. Staying up to date on social media and adapting to fit trends that work with your business and products will help you keep your customers interested and bring them back and repeat buyers!

We wish you all the best in business and we would love to hear your successes in the comments. When we share our success, we all feel a little more inspired and motivated! 

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