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How to Design Your Dream Craft Room ✨

Are you finally ready to take that spare room and make it yours? Or maybe you need some place to get started for your current craft room to make it really shine!

Think of your dream craft room, your dream workspace, what do you picture? 

If you need direction for your design of
 your dream craft room, consider the following:

Choose a room with ample natural light and ventilation.

A dark secluded room is only good for developing film, not for makers who want to spend more time on their craft. The more natural light you have, the more motivated you'll be to continue your work!

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Install plenty of storage options, such as shelves, and cabinets. 

You'll want to be able to see all of your tools and supplies when needed. If not, it'll be a mess trying to find what you need, exactly when you need it. Clear bins are perfect too once you have your perfect shelving system. We recommend something that's an all-in-one cabinet system, because not only will everything be all in one place for easier locating - but you'll be able to tuck it all away when you don't need it, and you'll have more space for you to work!

Choose a large work surface, like a table or desk, to spread out your projects.

Obviously, a large table is best for bolts of fabric, rotary cutters, and larger tools! The last thing you want in your craft room is to feel cramped at your workspace. 

Invest in comfortable seating, like an ergonomic chair, to avoid back pain.

It's worth it! There's nothing less motivating than an awful chair and an aching pain in your back.

Incorporate task lighting to ensure proper illumination while working.

Even if you have a naturally well-lit craft room, smaller lamps and task lighting will be great for when you're dealing with detail work, and of course allow you the possibility of working late into the night when you're on a roll and just can't stop. 

Add personal touches, like inspiring artwork or decorations, to make the space feel inviting.

The more personal, the better! You want your space to feel warm and inviting, and like an extension of you! Family photos, favorite quotes, candles, cute tchotchkes, bright colors (if that's your thing) are some of the best ways to put your stamp on your dream craft room. It will also make your workspace feel inviting and homey. 

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Tailoring the design to your specific needs and preferences is the perfect way to create your dream space for your crafting endeavors!

You deserve it! :)
Now get creating!

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