Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Sustainable Ways to Craft

Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Sustainable Ways to Craft

Crafting sustainably is becoming increasingly important in today's world. It's important to be aware of our footprint, and as crafters and makers we have the power to improve the world through creativity and crafting sustainably.

Here are some of the best and sustainable ways to craft:

  1. Use recycled or up-cycled materials
  2. Choose natural and eco-friendly materials
  3. Avoid single-use plastics and packaging
  4. Reduce waste by planning projects carefully and using scraps
  5. Choose energy-efficient tools and equipment
  6. Support local artisans and craftspeople
  7. Consider the environmental impact of the crafting process and strive to minimize it
  8. Share your knowledge and skills with others to promote sustainable crafting practices.

We can give these tips all day, and it can mean absolutely nothing without inspiration and ideas oh how to up-cycle and reuse scraps. 

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What to do with Your Fabric Scraps

There are plenty of creative ways to use up your fabric scraps! You could make a patchwork quilt or pillow, create a fabric banner or bunting, make a fabric-covered journal or photo album, sew fabric flowers or bows, or even use the scraps for small home decor projects like coasters or placemats. You can also donate your scraps to local craft groups or schools for use in art projects.
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Unique Ways to Up-cycle Old T-shirts

There are many creative ways to up-cycle old T-shirts! Here are a few unique ideas:

  1. Turn them into a braided rug or doormat.
  2. Cut them into strips and weave them together to make a basket or tote bag.
  3. Use them to make a colorful patchwork quilt.
  4. Make a set of reusable produce bags for grocery shopping.
  5. Create a wall hanging by cutting out interesting designs or patterns and framing them.
  6. Turn them into a set of unique throw pillows.
  7. Use them to create a plant hanger or macrame wall hanging.
  8. Cut out the sleeves and make a set of cozy arm warmers.
  9. Make a set of DIY cloth napkins or dish towels.
  10. Cut them into strips and use them as ties for plants in your garden.


Unique Ways to Up-cycle Baby Clothes

There are many creative ways to up-cycle baby clothes, such as turning them into:

  1. Quilts or blankets
  2. Stuffed animals or dolls
  3. Memory bears or pillows
  4. Patchwork skirts or dresses
  5. Fabric garlands or bunting
  6. Book covers or journal covers
  7. Baby shoes or booties
  8. Cloth napkins or reusable wipes
  9. Coasters or placemats
  10. Hair accessories like bows or headbands.

Happy Earth day you amazing makers! Be kind to our Mother Earth and let's do something to enhance our sustainable crafting for us and our future generations. 


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