How to Dry and Preserve Flowers

How to Dry and Preserve Flowers

Drying and preserving flowers is a great way to keep them around for longer, and the process is fairly simple!

First, you'll want to cut flowers at their peak of blooming, making sure they have no dew or moisture on them. 

If you're drying some sentimental flowers, like a bridal bouquet or boutonniere, just be sure to dry them well, but you'll want to start the process soon after your big event!

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Then, hang them upside down in a warm, dry, dark room for several days. Basements are great for this or a dark closet. 

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Once they are dry, you can spray them with a clear acrylic sealer to help prevent any further damage and preserve the petals.

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You can also press the flowers in a book or between two pieces of paper and store them in an airtight container. You also have the option of storing and pressing the flowers between glass - especially framed this is a great way to display your beautiful flowers. 

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This isn't the only way to display your favorite flowers - Have you seen the new trend of resin preserved flowers? If not, check out these beauties!

With these methods, you can enjoy your flowers for years to come!

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