Organize Your Workspace Like a PRO (and take your business to the next level!)

Organize Your Workspace Like a PRO (and take your business to the next level!)

Your small business requires a lot of you. It requires your time, energy, space, money and so much more! We hear all the time from small maker business owners that they wish they had more time and space to boost their business.

We hear you! Maybe your workspace doesn’t feel very efficient, or maybe you feel yourself floundering a little bit among all of your supplies, we know the feeling!

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated workspace or craft room then you know the feeling of that room being quickly overtaken by the years of supplies you have collected. Mess in your space is not inspiring when you need to go in there and be productive to fulfill order or have creative time!

This is exactly why we created the Hobby Locker.

But before we get into that, let's talk about the ways you can start NOW to put yourself closer to optimizing your creative workflow. 

Organizing like a pro maker requires a few key habits and techniques. 

1. Create a designated workspace: Whether it's a room, a corner of your home, or just a dedicated table, having a designated workspace can help you stay focused and keep your tools and materials in one place.

2. Sort and categorize your materials: Organize your tools and materials into categories that make sense for the work you do. For example, if you're a woodworker, you might separate your saws, drills, sanders, and other tools into different drawers or compartments.

3. Use storage solutions: Utilize storage solutions like shelves, bins, and drawers to keep your tools and materials organized. Label everything clearly so you can find what you need quickly and put items away quickly as well. 

4. Create a system for tracking your projects: Whether it's a notebook, a digital tool, or a whiteboard, create a system for tracking your projects. Write down ideas, deadlines, and important details so you can stay on top of your work.

5. Clean up after each project: Take a few minutes to clean up your workspace after each project. This will help you start the next project with a clean slate and prevent clutter from building up over time.

6. Learn from others: Seek out advice and tips from other makers in your arena who have been organizing their workspace for a while. Join online forums or maker groups to share ideas and learn from each other.

Remember, organizing is an ongoing process, so don't be afraid to adjust your methods and systems as you go along. 

We are also makers with small, creative businesses based out of our homes and we found that the mess would often spread from room to room! Equipment in the garage, wood in the shed, paper in the office, sewing supplies in the craft room.

With an all-in-one organization system, you are getting vertical storage, pegboard hanging storage, paper storage, a place for your Cricut and mats, and so much more! The options are endless.

Other craft cabinet solutions seem stuffy and out of reach. At Hobby Locker, we’ve cut the fluff to get down to what matters most, functionality and productivity for professionals, business owners, and humble hobbyists.

We understand that a system like this is an investment. Consider the following as you think about your workflow.

How often are you interrupted or distracted by a missing item?

How often do you walk into your workspace and feel unmotivated or devastated by the mess?

How much are you spending on extra supplies and inventory because you’re not sure exactly how much you have in your workspace?

Do you feel cramped or claustrophobic in your workspace?

And alternatively,

How would your workflow improved if you had all of your most used tools readily accessible at all times?

How much faster would you be able to fulfill orders if you had a home for all of your supplies?

Would your creativity improve if your space was amplified and organized?

How much money would you save because your supplies are neatly organized, allowing you to inventory every time you open up your craft cabinet?



Consider all the things holding you back from true creativity, productivity, and professionalism in your small business.

A Hobby Locker might just be the key to your success. Check it out today or chat with one of our friendly customer service reps to see if the Hobby Locker might be a good fit for you.

No judgment, we’ve all been trapped in the mess, let’s see if we can free you from yours.

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