Why Cross Stitching & Embroidery Are Making a Huge Comeback!

Why Cross Stitching & Embroidery Are Making a Huge Comeback!

Cross stitching and embroidery are making a huge comeback right now due to the rise of DIY projects and the growing appreciation of handmade goods.


It seems we are entering an age of nostalgia and trending back to the stuff our grandparents did. Including embroidery.

We live in a world of fast fashion and mass production, but thanks to social media, especially short video marketing like Instagram Reels and TikTok, we’re seeing lots of crafting, and unique handmade items being celebrated!. But we are also seeing an understanding that slowing down is exactly what we need right now in our crazy world.


We are all for leaving behind hustle culture and prioritizing what matters most, here at Hobby Locker. Prioritizing small business, prioritizing handmade, prioritizing creativity, and seeking for the unique, in both craft and fashion. And we’re seeing crafting, especially cross-stitching and embroidery accompany many of these!


How many of you have seen those darling hand-stitched sweaters for toddler and babies with their names or other words embroidered on them? They’re huge right now in the world of toddler fashion, and it’s simply because of the handmade, and personalized nature of them.


So many of us, even current creators, are looking for hobbies that allow us to slow down, be present, and express even more of our creative side! In our humble opinion, that’s another reason why we are seeing a trend with embroidery and cross-stitching. Not to mention it’s one craft that doesn’t require a ton of supplies. Meaning you probably still have space in your Hobby Locker to house some embroidery floss, needles, fabric, and hoops!


The art of cross-stitching and embroidery is a great way to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces that can be treasured for years.  These skills and pieces can make unique gifts for friends and family. I was given a beautiful embroidery hoop from my sister last year with one of my favorite book quotes on it. It’s a treasured gift that I keep on office wall.


With the resurgence of these crafts, there’s a wide range of supplies and patterns available to get started. Pinterest is full of GORGEOUS inspiration (obviously) and we are loving the trend of embroidering on jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.! It’s a beautiful way to up-cycle and add new life to clothing if you want to take your new found skill off the hoop.


To get started, it’s really not too hard. Here are a few resources for you to check out before you dive right in. (HERE and HERE)


So, if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding hobby, then cross-stitching and embroidery are definitely worth checking out!  To see more of our own experience with embroidery, follow along in our Instagram stories!


If you are an embroidery or cross-stitching master, or new to it, we would love to see your work send us a picture or tag us on social media! We always love to see your work as a maker and how you use your Hobby Locker to organize your own supplies! @hobbylockerusa

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