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Thank you for spreading the word about Hobby Locker and our mission to help crafters and makers to feel at peace and productive in their workspaces. 

Hobby Locker was started in the summer of 2022, with our flagship product, The Hobby Locker. This craft cabinet was designed by makers in Rigby, Idaho along with the help of local cabinet maker, Blue Mountain Millwork & Cabinetry. 

The motivation behind the Hobby Locker was true customizability. As makers who specialize in Glow forge projects, cosplay, clay, and so many others - we found that there wasn't anything on the market that felt perfectly functional for makers who have their hands in multiple craft avenues, especially at a more affordable price. 

We are a small team with only a few employees, but we are dedicated to our customers and to the quality of the Hobby Locker and eager to make a name for ourselves. 

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