Why Your Craft Room Isn't Working For You

Why Your Craft Room Isn't Working For You

We need to talk! Why isn't your craft room working for you?
We could probably make a few guesses why...

Here are some common reasons why your craft room might feel more like a problem than an inspirational space.

The number one reason we hear is that you don't have enough storage space!
Possibly, you have a lack of shelving or vertical storage, or even just a lack of space in your craft room, corner, or closet.

Next, you might just have a poorly designed storage solution. Cube storage and wide chests just don't do it for makers. Focus on vertical storage
(I know, I know, we already mentioned that.)

How about a lack of categorization? Categories and labeling are key to ensure that your craft room stays organized in the long run.

Next, something that nobody likes to hear -
but purging unnecessary items is a MUST. If you're not doing it you're adding to the problem.

Finally, a lack of accessibility is really a problem for makers too! 
When you cannot access the things you are using the most, or you don't have a proper place to put those items away, it creates frustration rather than inspiration while you craft. 

So how do you fix these common issues?

Research and invest in vertical storage, shelving, and bins that will work best for your space. Here are links to a couple of other blog posts with specific steps to help you get started. 

Top 5 Reasons to Organize Your Craft Room ASAP!
10 Steps to a More Organized Craft Room

If you still feel lost, reach out to us at support@hobbylockerusa.com for help!

Happy Crafting (and organizing) !

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